The Pets

We love our pets. Moreover is the oldest pet member of the household, having joined us in 1998 or so. Odyssey is Mary-Margaret's cat, the only cat we chose. The other two chose us. Odyssey joined the household the summer of 2001; Persephone joined us in 2002, and Pluto in 2003.

We could tell all sorts of stories about our pets, for each one of them is unique. We could tell you of the time Moreover chased a deer from the woods behind our house in Georgia, finally overpowering it. Tom rescued the deer, but we're not sure it survived the fright, for days later, we found gnawed deer parts in our yard.

We could tell you how Odyssey is the queen of the house, choosing the softest laps, the choicest spot in front of the fireplace. She often sleeps with Mary-Margaret, curled up against Mary-Margaret's head or chest.

We could tell you how Persephone found our house in the middle of the night in 2002. She was a tiny kitten and injured dreadfully. At first we thought that Moreover, who had her cornered in the bushes by our front steps, had injured her, but the vet said that the injuries were likely human-induced. We nursed her back to health. She's our sweet-natured cat, easily startled, and the one most appreciative of physical affection. She loves to have her tummy stroked.

We could tell you how Pluto also found our house in the middle of the night, during Mary-Margaret's farewell slumber party in Georgia. Mary-Margaret had invited several of her friends over for the night, a last party before we moved back to Texas. Pluto, also, was chased into the bushes by our front steps by Moreover. He was a tiny cat but very personable. The girls loved him immediately, and he provided memorable excitement at the slumber party. Because we lived in the country on twenty-four acres of land at the time, we suspect that Pluto and Persephone were abandoned by owners who no longer wanted to care for them or who had too many animals and used this method to eliminate excess pets.

Yes, the names of our pets are significant. Benton and Mary-Margaret were reading Greek myths at the time the cats joined us, and Tom has always wanted to name a dog Moreover. He got the idea from the story of the poor man Lazarus, in the Bible, who sat at the gates begging: "Moreover, the dogs came and licked his sores." That's Tom's kind of humor.